VESUBIO S.A. was founded in 1965 with the objective of supplying the industrial and domestic market with all knitting-related solutions. We are the first company to distribute yarns for industrial and manual production in Uruguay. We have been industry leaders for over 45 years, with a history marked by constant growth.

Our company

We offer different qualities and compositions such as wool, cotton, acrylic, synthetic and artificial fibers, and all blends. We also craft exclusive basic and novelty yarns.
Our supply is dynamic; we constantly renew our stock adapting to client needs.

We are characterized by our excellent customer service, professionalism, personalized treatment and our wide range of products. We are proud of our excellent team, of their human qualities and integrity. Our interest lies not in the simple sale but in offering comprehensive advice, monitoring and providing after-sale technical support and personalized counselling.


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